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Jameson Irish Whiskey

Project Type / 
Social, DTC, OOH, eComm
Role / 
Art Director & Photographer
Agency / 
Night After Night 

As an art director, photographer, and content creator I worked on a wide variety of business for Jameson ranging across social media, OOH ads, live events, and more. Through this work we took Jameson from the #3 to the #1 choice of bartenders, drastically increased sales, and exponentially grew their social following across multiple channels. 

JAM-LTN-Austin-BlockParty-Poster copy.jpg
JIPA-Whiskey-Seattle-Block-Party-Cocktail-Bottle-CloseUp-0693 copy.jpg

With the intention of combating growing social isolation, and engaging with the diverse members of the Jameson audience, Night After Night developed a platform to support all of Jameson's marketing efforts: #LoveThyNeighborhood. This platform enabled Jameson to reach fans through a variety of programs that engaged local communities and included craft brewery partnerships, music festivals and bartender advocacy initiatives. I worked with the team during several block party events that brought together musicians from all over the country, and highlighted the incredible Jameson cocktails coming from local bars.


During these activations I designed flyers and digital content, photographed content for social, and managed teams of freelancers during the events. 


As an art director I helped concept, prep and execute numerous photo and video shoots for Jameson. The content created during our productions was used for various eComm, OOH and social purposes. 

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