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Web3, Social, Events

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Associate Creative Director

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At Vayner3, we worked closely with PepsiCO's Center of Enablement to explore the future of web3 technologies for select PepsiCo brands including Pepsi. I was able to lead the creative for Pepsi's inaugural NFT drop The Pepsi Mic Drop as well as follow-up digital collectible activations and continued community building. 

Pepsi_Phone_Mockup copy.png
Pepsi_MackBook_Mockup copy.png

Pepsi Mic Drop

In December 2021, we brought Pepsi to the forefront of digital culture with their first offical NFT collection -The Pepsi Mic Drop. This limited collection of 1,893 digital collectibles was scooped up in minutes by passionate Pepsi fans. Although the initial drop was free to mint, secondary sales generated nearly 3000ETH (approximately $6.8M USD at the time). Each Pepsi Mic Drop token was algorithmically generated to feature traits that paid homage to the brand's storied history in music and the suite of Pepsi flavors that have captivated unapologetic cola-loving consumers for decades.

As the Art Director and Creative Lead on the project I designed the assets, worked with the PepsiCo team to design the UI/UX of the launch website, as well as planned the social rollout to activate Pepsi and Web3 communities throughout the launch. 

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