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Kings of Leon


Art Director; Visual/Interactive Artist

NFT Yourself  launched in conjunction with Kings of Leon’s 8th studio album When You See Yourself. With the team at Night After Night, I helped develop a unique collection of limited edition NFTs that re-envisioned the bands iconic cherries logo and manipulated analog photography taken by band member Matthew Followill and NaN Creative Director Casey McGrath. Much of the imagery was generated through different methods of analysis with some of the animations powered by the sound waves from the bands song The Bandit and others created by using machine learning to analyze pose detection in their latest music video for Stormy Weather.

This historic launch marks the first time that concert tickets have been offered as an NFT, paving the way for an entirely new template for releasing music and content to fans. The drop brought in over $2 million dollars with $600,000 directly benefiting Live Nation’s Crew Nation.

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