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Jameson Irish Whiskey


Night After Night


Art Director; Creative ideation, Art direction for social, paid & digital campaigns, Photography

Jameson was born at the local bar, and we knew the growth strategy had to give back to the community that championed the brand from the start. Focusing on the shared values between Jameson and their consumer: the value of community, the power of local, and the importance of challenging the growing social isolation rampant amongst millennials - we built a platform that could support all of Jameson’s marketing efforts: #LoveThyNeighborhood.

As an art director, photographer, and content creator I worked on a wide variety of business ranging across social media, OOH ads, live events, and more. Through this work we took Jameson from the #3 to the #1 choice of bartenders, drastically increased sales from 1MM to 4MM cases, and exponentially grew their social following across multiple channels.

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