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Cheeto's Chesterville


Vayner3 in collaboration with VaynerMedia


Associate Creative Director; web3 creative lead, creative ideation, product design

How do you resurrect your favorite flavor of Cheetos? By making mischief in Chesterville! For Halloween we gave Cheetos fans the opportunity to resurrect their favorite limited edition Cheetos flavor by causing mischief in Chesterville, Cheetos first HorizonWorlds Metaverse activation.

As Associate Creative Director, I helped develop the interactions and gameplay mechanisms in Chesterville. Ensuring each Mischief Maker was fun, playful, and aligned with the brand. I also designed the creative for the digital collectibles earned by users who voted for their favorite Cheetos flavor to be resurrected. Nearly 2500 people collected a Chesterville Mischief Maker Digital Collectible.

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